Wy'East Vineyards Awards and Accolades Winemaking

Our wines are produced under the expert eye of Peter Rosback.  Peter has 30 years wine making experience, and continues to produce a Wy'East Pinot Noir under his own label Sineann. He is nationally recognized in numerous wine publications, and his wines appear on prestigious wine lists throughout the United States.

Peter and the Reeds recognize that most of the quality in the glass happens in the vineyard.  Management of the vineyrd is meticulous, with extra time spent to adjust to challenging growing condition when they occur.  We do not cut corners and will pick quality over quantity every time.

Harvest is all done by hand, and each bin of grapes is hand inspected and sorted. Likewise, in the winery, we maintain a soft touch, allowing the fruit to shine.  French and American oak barrels are used, not oak additives.